Powder Coating Service

Powder coating is a dry finishing process using dry powder. It is an extremely popular finishing technique as it leaves a durable and high-quality finish when used.

The powder coating process can be applied to a wide range of products but is mainly used to coat metals used in appliances, automotive and much more.

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The Benefits

  • Versatile: Thousands of products are now finished using powder coating due to it’s superior decorative and protective finish!

  • Durable Finish: A finish that not only looks better, but lasts longer! Powder coating increases resistance to scratching, fading and much more!

  • Environmentally Friendly: There are no solvents when dry coating, reducing harmful pollutants being released into the atmosphere.

  • Free Estimates: SJB Sheet Metal Works can provide free estimates on all services, just get in touch today!

  • Competitive Pricing: We pride ourselves on our high-quality services at truly affordable prices!

Powder Coating Process

There are 3 stages when it comes to the powder coating process:

  1. Part preparation or pre-treatment: This involves the cleaning of the component by removing oil, dirt, grease and any other foreign matter to ensure it is completely clean.
  2. The powder application: We will typically apply the powder using an electrostatic gun, although there are other methods, to spray the item.
  3. Curing: The item will be placed in cure oven and the temperature will begin to increase. When the powder reaches the optimum temperature, it will begin to melt and form a liquid film.

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Powder Coated Products

We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to powder coating and, as a result, have used this finishing process on a wide variety of items.

Typically powder coating is used on the following:

  • Appliances
  • Automotive Accessories
  • Building Products

However, that is just a small example of when it can be used. There is a vast range of everyday products that use powder coating!