Laser Cutting Service

We offer a high quality & extremely accurate laser cutting service for a range of different materials in many different sizes & dimensions.

Our factory is equipped with a quality Amada laser cutting machine that can handle a variety of task to make certain that your specific requirements are met.

The team at SJB has experience in manufacturing a range of products for many different applications using laser cutting technology.

Not only can we help assist you in your design process, we also offer free estimates & excellent customer support!

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The Benefits

  • Extremely Precise: Laser cutting technology is controlled by computer programmes, making it much more controlled and precise!

  • Versatile: Laser cutting technology is able to cut a range of different materials in all shapes and sizes.

  • High Edge Quality: The edge quality accomplished with laser cutting is of much higher quality than that of traditional cutting methods.

  • Quick Turnaround: The laser cutting process is much quicker than traditional methods allowing for a quick turnaround.

  • Reduced Contamination: As there is no direct contact between a cutting tool and the work piece, the chance of contamination is reduced.

  • Cuts Complex Shapes: This technology makes it possible to cut complex shapes without tooling methods, making it a quicker & more efficient process.

Laser Cutting Materials, Sizes & Dimensions

We can perform laser cutting on a variety of different materials for industry, including:

  • Aluminium – Up to 6mm
  • Stainless Steel – Up to 6mm
  • Mild Steel – Up to 8mm
  • Titanium – Up to 6mm

This and so much more!

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Machine Capabilities

At SJB Metal works we use a LC2012 C1 NT laser cutting machine.

It has the ability to provide cut, formed, tapped and punched parts.

The automation is truly impressive on these machines and thanks to the range of high tech features it can deliver quality results.

Laser Cutting Products

Due to the fantastic capabilities of our machine we are able to cut and produce a range of different products in many different materials.

The technology allows us to cut, engrave and create almost any shape no matter how small or complex it may be.

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