CNC Punching & Folding Service

Here at SJB we use highly desirable machinery for the perfect precision.

We have a range of CNC punch presses and CNC press brakes that allow us to manufacture a variety of products that require CNC punching & folding.

We have the capabilities to punch holes in standard circles or even custom shapes to suit specific designs and requirements.

Our CNC press brakes can form extremely high-quality products and be folded to suit exact needs, creating many useful products that are used in a variety of applications.

Not only can we help assist you in your design process, we also offer free estimates & excellent customer support!

If you require our CNC punching & folding services in the Somerset area, don’t hesitate to contact us:

The Benefits

  • Extremely Precise: CNC Machines create extremely precise products that will be identical in both specifications and quality.

  • Versatile: These machines can process large sheets whilst also being able to fold & punch a range of complex designs and shapes.

  • Quick Turnaround: CNC Machines can run constantly over long periods of time without needing to stop, allowing us to manufacture components consistently and quickly.

  • Competitive Pricing: Using these incredible machines are extremely cost effective, which means we can offer high quality products at affordable prices!

  • Free Estimates: SJB Sheet Metal Works can provide free estimates on all services, just get in touch today!

Step 1: CNC Programming

CNC programming is the computer aided manufacturing (CAM) side of the CAD/CAM cycle.

They read technical drawings which subsequently produces accurate, high-quality metalwork.

Drawings you provide should be presented in a 2D format such as DXF or DWG.

If you do not have a suitable drawing we can create one for you. We check with you to ensure it meets your requirements before going ahead.

Step 2: Manufacturing your Design

Once the programs have been set up the machines start manufacturing – with our close eye and guidance to help feed the metal through and ensure there are no problems.

Machine Capabilties

The Amada C1 Turret Punch Press is a state of the art machine that allows us to manufacture high quality products for our customers.

It uses Power Hydraulic Numeric Controls and a Servo controlled Hydraulic Ram to manage multiple aspects of the machines capabilities, which include:

  • Shortened required strokes
  • Quick setups
  • Fastest production speed

This is a great machine to have in our workshop and allows us to manufacture almost any component to a truly high standard.

CNC Punching & Folding Products

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to creating components that require CNC punching & folding and have provided many of these useful products to a range of different industries.

Some products we have manufactured using this process include:

  • Brackets
  • Electrical Enclosures
  • Control Units
  • Metal Components

If you require our services we are more than happy to help, we’ll even help you with your design process if needed.