3D Modelling Service

Many designs are delivered to us in 2D, however we ability to provide 3D modelling thanks to our CAD 3D software.

There are many advantages to 3D modelling as it can save time and money, reducing errors and inconsistencies that can often happen with 2D designs, causing a production scrap.

What’s more that we can assist you in the design process to ensure that all your specifications and requirements are being met.

We can take your specifications from design to production, just get in touch today on:

The Benefits

  • We Can Assist You: If you require our assistance & need a 3D design, we can help!

  • Accurate Designs: 3D Modelling has proven itself to be more accurate, producing higher quality products and reducing production scrap.

  • Design Testing: It is possible to perform virtual tests on 3D Models which can save you time & money on physical testing.

  • Quick Turnaround: Using 3D design technology to implement design automation has reduced lead times, making the turnaround much quicker.

  • Free Estimates: SJB Sheet Metal Work Ltd offer free estimates, just get in touch today!

3D Modelling Products

Using 3D Modelling we have been able to fabricate a range of different products for our customers that have been used in many applications.

Using our design software, we are able to produce highly accurate designs of almost anything of varying sizes and materials.

If you require our 3D Modelling services in Somerset, get in touch to discuss your requirements!

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